A short history:

The company was founded in 2002 by József Jámbor who 
created a family business with his wife Veronika.

Since 2002 the company grew to be a successful small business and 
survived the 2007-2008 financial crisis with great success. The garage became a warehouse, and the company added a few more employees to it's payroll. 

In 2017 the business was handed over to his daughters Veronika and Lilla Jámbor. They were joined by Dávid György (Sales & Delivery Specialist) Attila Bujka (Engineering) and Jenthe Van de Poel (Process and Project Management).

The team

Veronika Jámbor,

Managing Director

Lilla Jámbor, 

Managing Director 

Attila Bujka, 

Project Manager - Engineering

Jenthe Van de Poel, 

Project Manager - Modernisation

Dávid György, 

Sales & Delivery Specialist


Office Dog